[CakeML] TS seeking Proof Engineers and Research Scientist

Ramana Kumar Ramana.Kumar at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 31 00:07:23 UTC 2017

Hi CakeML users,

If you'd be interested in a job working on or with CakeML:

We are expanding our Trustworthy Systems team in Sydney!

We are currently looking for three motivated people in formal methods:
  - 2 Proof Engineers (junior and senior)
  - 1 Research Scientist
to join Trustworthy Systems at Data61 CSIRO.

We are expanding because we have a new funded project exploring verified
infrastructure on top of seL4, our formally verified OS microkernel. This
project includes building trustworthy applications at user-level, using
CakeML and the CAmkES component system. Anyone interested in building and
verifying real systems is highly encouraged to apply!

This round of applications closes 21 November 2017.
More information at [1,2].


[1] https://ts.data61.csiro.au/jobs/proof-engineers-2017.pml
[2] https://ts.data61.csiro.au/jobs/research-scientist-2017.pml
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