[CakeML] Unimplemented cakeml operators?

Michael Roe mroe149233 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 15:22:30 UTC 2015


I think I've noticed some differences between the documentation of the
CakeML langiage (in documentation/reference.tex) and what seems to be
actually implemented.

I'm not sure if these are documentation bugs, or if I'm doing something

* <> isn't supported, but it is in the table of infix operators in

* List concatenation (@) doesn't seem to work as expected:
<type error>

* Function composition (o) doesn't seem to work as expected:
fun double(x) = x*2;
val double:(<int>-><int>) = <fn>
x o x;
<type error>

* "before" doesn't seem to work as expected
val x = ref 0;
val x:(<int>) <ref> = <ref>
!x before x := 1;
<type error>

Best wishes,
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