[CakeML] Low-level Compiler Explorer

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Tue Jul 29 14:27:16 UTC 2014


> fun fullEval p =
>    let val asts = eval ``get_all_asts ^(p)``
>         val elab = eval ``elab_all_asts ^(asts |> concl |> rhs)``
>    in
>       rhs(concl elab) |>rand
>    end;

thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

> In the pretty printing modules (e.g. explorer/pp/astPP.sml), the pretty printers 
> are loaded using temp_add_user_printer calls (you can selectively disable if you 
> want partial pretty printing by calling temp_remove_user_printer or just don't 
> load them)

I don't know how to not load them, but the workaround is simple. Just
adding the line

  fun temp_add_user_printer _ = ();

at the top of "astPP.sml" did the trick.


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