[CakeML-dev] Quick survey on the compiler explorer

Rikard Hjort hjortr at student.chalmers.se
Wed May 3 19:42:03 UTC 2017

Big thanks for all your replies. I will include them in our final thesis 
paper, to reason about our user requirements.

On 05/02/2017 10:00 AM, Rikard Hjort wrote:
> Hi devs,
> If you have time, we'd like to hear some opinions from you. We'd 
> really appreciate it if you had time.
> We're writing our thesis about the new compiler explorer, which allows 
> the tracing of expressions, so that you can
> a) get the program you are compiling printed at each intermediate 
> language and
> b) click expressions in one intermediate language and have the 
> corresponding ones highlighted in another language.
> So we have three questions to you. A sentence or two one each would be 
> enough.
> 1. Did you use the old compiler explorer? 
> (https://cakeml.org/explorer.cgi)
> 2. If yes, then for what? If no, why not?
> 3. What do you imagine you could use the new explorer for that you 
> couldn't use the old one for?
> We'd like to quote you on your answers, if that's alright.
> Cheers,
> Rikard

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