[CakeML-dev] Quick survey on the compiler explorer

Rikard Hjort hjortr at student.chalmers.se
Tue May 2 08:00:51 UTC 2017

Hi devs,

If you have time, we'd like to hear some opinions from you. We'd really 
appreciate it if you had time.

We're writing our thesis about the new compiler explorer, which allows 
the tracing of expressions, so that you can
a) get the program you are compiling printed at each intermediate 
language and
b) click expressions in one intermediate language and have the 
corresponding ones highlighted in another language.

So we have three questions to you. A sentence or two one each would be 

1. Did you use the old compiler explorer? (https://cakeml.org/explorer.cgi)

2. If yes, then for what? If no, why not?

3. What do you imagine you could use the new explorer for that you 
couldn't use the old one for?

We'd like to quote you on your answers, if that's alright.



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