[CakeML] Hello CakeML'ers

Andy Ray andy.ray at ujamjar.com
Fri Jun 13 01:29:04 UTC 2014


I was recently told about CakeML during a visit to Cambridge Uni and
have been meaning to have a proper look at it.  My interest is around
uses of ML (actually more specifically OCaml) on FPGAs.

When I asked David Greaves about OCaml on FPGA he pointed out this


As a starting point I wonder if you have any advice on how I could use
the code at


to compile an OCaml program which could run on Davids processor model?

Longer term I am interested in the possibility of implementing
something like LWT-light on top of this CPU as a potential controller
for FPGA related gubbins (serial port, network, etc).

In the interests of full disclosure I have no real understanding of
the theorem proving world, though I suspect I probably should.


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