[CakeML-dev] Putting line annotations on declarations

Rikard Hjort hjortr at student.chalmers.se
Fri Mar 24 10:21:31 UTC 2017

Would it be possible (and desireable) to have the parser put line 
annotations (embodied by the Lannot constructor in the ast) on 
declarations? Right now there are line annotations on expressions only. 
In working with the explorer, we often see places where line annotation 
on declarations would make sense. Sometimes expressions are generated 
directly from declaration (Lets from Dletrecs in mod_to_conScript.sml 
for example), and it would be good if we could show these as actually 
originating from those declarations. Also, I think it would make sense 
if you could see where declarations that appear in later languages 
originate in earlier languages.

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