[CakeML-dev] ML mk_* function that instantiates argument term type

Yong Kiam tanyongkiam at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 22:25:03 UTC 2017

Hi dev,

I'm repairing the translator on env_refactor where the id type is defined

... id = Short of 'n | Long of 'm => id

The translator gets to a point where it constructs a term like ``Short foo:
('v,tvarN) id``

However, it then tries to wrap it using mk_TypeId, where TypeId is a
constructor for:

... tid_or_exn = TypeId of (modN,typeN) id | ...

(tvarN,modN,typeN, are all abbrevs for string)

but this fails because mk_TypeId does not instantiate 'v to modN.

I found that I could get around this manually using TypeBasePure.cinst
``:(tvarN,tvarN) id`` , but is there a way that already automatically does
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