[CakeML-dev] Location info in source and IL ASTs

Magnus Myreen myreen at chalmers.se
Thu Jan 5 21:07:08 UTC 2017

Hi all,

During the last CakeML meeting (see notes at
https://wiki.cakeml.org/Meetings), we discussed adding location info
to the CakeML ASTs. Location info would be added to the source AST,
and all intermediate language ASTs where for efficiency it would be an
option type.

The immediate purpose of this is to support the new compiler explorer
so that one can reliably track where some piece of generated code came
from in the previous IL and what it becomes in the next IL.

An added bonus is that we can make the parser (and type inferencer?)
provide error locations.

The new compiler explorer project will kick off on 17 Jan 2017, and
soon thereafter I expect the students will want to start playing with
location information. This would be done from env-refactor, if that
hasn't been merged into master by then. I hope it will be merged by



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