[CakeML-Dev] fbs-type-sound

Ramana Kumar Ramana.Kumar at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Oct 29 05:17:43 UTC 2016

I'm running a regression test on the merge of master and fbs-type-sound. If
it succeeds, I'll merge.

fbs-type-sound (mostly due to Scott) contains the following enhancements:
adds type annotations,
reorganises the semantics so the functional big-step is primary, the rest
are relegated to alt_semantics,
refactoring and maintenance in support of the above.

The translator still uses the unclocked relational semantics, and will
continue to do so in the near future. (There are some commits on
fbs-type-sound towards making the translator use functional big step, but
they are later reverted.)

Continued refactoring work has happened on the env-refactor branch... after
fbs-type-sound merges with master, it would be a good idea to merge master
into env-refactor and see what the damage is ...
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