[CakeML-Dev] string library

Ramana Kumar Ramana.Kumar at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 27 00:49:39 UTC 2016

Hi CakeML developers,

I just wanted to check in on thoughts about strings in CakeML, since Connor
might be looking at implementing basis library operations on them soon. I
believe the following issues are relevant:

(making the representation more compact)

(changing the primitives from explode/implode to length and sub)

My thoughts for the library are that we should assume length and sub
primitives, and implement the rest using them, but leave changing the
representation of strings / using efficient monomorphic vectors to later.
So, Connor could assume length and sub, while I work on closing #49 in the
meantime to justify that assumption.

Is closing #49 going to interact badly with any other ongoing development?

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