[CakeML-Dev] Something modifies astScript

Yong Kiam tanyongkiam at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 22:41:23 UTC 2016

Hi dev,

I've recently been noticing that something modifies astScript when I
re-build the directory from scratch.

yongkiam at yongkiam-ThinkPad-T460p:~/cake-overload/semantics$ git diff
diff --git a/semantics/astScript.sml b/semantics/astScript.sml
index 5bfbcd2..0f58e46 100644
--- a/semantics/astScript.sml
+++ b/semantics/astScript.sml
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ val _ = numLib.prefer_num();

 val _ = new_theory "ast"
 val _ = set_grammar_ancestry ["integer", "words", "string"];
+val _ = set_grammar_ancestry ["integer", "words", "string"];

 (*open import Pervasives*)
 (*open import Lib*)

Does anyone know what is causing this (maybe it's a problem with my setup)?
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