[CakeML-dev] Holmake bug

Ramana Kumar Ramana.Kumar at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 7 06:03:31 UTC 2016

I have often got lprefix_lub errors in various places, but I think
they all went away when following the policy of listing all INCLUDEs
explicitly (i.e., not relying on ones built into the heap).

(By the way, fixes to readerTheory are merged into master already (in
case you were trying to fix it..))

On 7 December 2016 at 16:52,  <Michael.Norrish at data61.csiro.au> wrote:
> Do others get a lprefix_lub error when attempting to build readerTheory in candle/standard/opentheory?
> I think this is a bug in Holmake, but I’m surprised it hasn’t bothered anyone else.
> There’s a relatively simple workaround that I can commit, but I also want to figure out why Holmake is not doing the right thing when it does its dependency analysis of holSyntaxLibTheory.sml.
> Michael
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